Feel Together While Working Apart

Instantly schedule meetings without ever looking at a calendar.

Instantly schedule meetings without ever looking at a calendar.

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Undock protects your time by considering your preferences and scheduling behavior.  Less time wasted playing calendar tag.


Instantly checks dates and calendar links to show mutual availability


Automatically remembers all proposed times so you never double book

Take Control of Your Time

Find the Right Time - the First Time

Undock compares calendar availability and preferences of all meeting participants to suggest the best time

Instant AI Suggestion


1-Click Invite

The Easiest Way to Schedule Meetings

How it Works

Our AI connects people across different organizations, calendar tools, and time zones to find a time that works.

“ I've spent essentially zero time scheduling meetings since I started using Undock 2 months ago ”

- James Dorman @ Hailify.

Works Where You Work

Scheduling meetings from Undock while you write on Gmail, Outlook, Slack and LinkedIn.


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